Lip-Oil Remover

Lip-Oil Remover

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G L O S É  lip-oil remover product is nonirritating. It's nourishing ingredients leave lips clean, refreshed and without a trace of a makeup. This oil-based formula helps break down our waterproof, long lasting lipstick easily. This oil is not only for lips, it can be used as moisturizer and for your everyday glow!

Don't Neglect Your Lips

Think about just how much they're exposed to the weather. They need care as your skin does, so always be mindful about applying oil to them before exposing them to any weather -cold or hot! It's important to keep them hydrated and moisturize. When you take good care of them, they take good care of you, by maintaining that attractive, healthy, and youthful plumpness.

Benefits Using Oil

  • Wrinkle free lips & skin
  • Helps with dry, cracked lips & skin
  • Increase hydrated, pliable, plump lips & skin
  • Leaving your lips and skin with radiant, everyday glow
  • Great moisturizer

Applying on Lips

  • Before applying lipstick, simply massage the oil thoroughly over your lips for best results, and to hydrate your lips.
  • Use any towel or cotton to apply the oil onto your lips to remover the lipstick
  • After the lipstick is removed, apply oil to moisturize your lips 


  • Vitamin A & E
  • 100% Organic Oils


Always test oil on your wrist or hand before applying to your face, lips, and other areas on your body.